Juan David Vélez

Role: CE Workshop Teacher
Rolf Movement® Faculty, Certified Rolfing® Instructor
Personal Website: Personal Website

Juan David is an Advanced Rolfer® and Rolf Movement™ Practitioner. He has been teaching for the Dr. Ida Rolf Institute® in Boulder, Colorado, since 1998. He teaches all phases of the basic training and is currently serving as the Chair of the Life Sciences Department. Juan David is guided by a strong conviction that mastery is the place where logic, knowledge and intuition converge. This leads him to devote special attention to the process of how we learn – both the way we integrate information, as well as how we develop skill and creativity as practitioners. Juan David is originally from Colombia, where he introduced the practice of Rolfing almost 30 years ago. He currently lives and practices in Portland, Oregon, and teaches both in the US and internationally.