Marcelo MunIz

Role: CE Workshop Teacher
Certified Rolfer®, Rolf Movement™ Practitioner

Marcelo MunIz is an advanced Rolfer® and movement teacher for 30 years. He is a Rolfing® Instructor and Rolf Movement™ Teacher.

He is also a Cranio-Sacral therapist and a Somatic Experience practitioner.

He has studied with Hubert Godard in various trainings of movement education and perception in the last 18 years. These studies have been a remarkable influence in his working style as a somatic practitioner and educator.

Marcelo Muniz is the co-creator of the Soma Embodiment Method, a somatic approach to emotional trauma resolution. He has been teaching the Soma Method from 2011 in Brazil, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, France, Portugal, Denmark, Poland and South Africa.

Marcelo’s passion lies in the opening of the possibility for new emotional responses in the present time, responses that allow a personal empowerment for the future.
These answers are possible through a better embodiment quality and a change in the perception of yourself and the others.