Tom Findley Presentation – ERA Biennial Meeting IN-CONNECTION

Fascia from the perspective of 50 years as a clinician, scientist, and Rolfer™

Thomas W. Findley, MD, PhD (USA)

The video is the presentation given by Tom Findley on the occasion of the ERA Biennial Meeting InConnection, held 08-13 November 2018 in Berlin.


About Thomas W. Findley

Who could describe Thomas W. Findley, MD, best but himself, below are some extracts from his biography:

I have been conducting research of some sort from a very early age, and for most of my professional life have juggled research, clinical and family life. My career has focused on connecting clinical practice, basic theory, and applied measurements in rehabilitation research, with a heavy dose of mathematical modeling. I have extensive training in complementary medicine, beginning with training in acupuncture and homeopathy while a medical student at Georgetown in 1975, where I introduced Dr Rolf to the Physical Medicine Department. (…) my explorations into fascia have led me to the interaction between fascia and cancer, following the lead of AT Still MD (the founder of osteopathic medicine) who wrote about this more than 100 years ago. Oncology researchers are now looking closely at the mechanical environment surrounding the tumor, and how stiffer environments are more receptive to metastatic growth. I was on the organizing committee for a groundbreaking congress on fascia, acupuncture and cancer at Harvard Medical School in November 2015, where I was also a keynote speaker. As I am uniquely positioned between the science and clinical practice of both fascia and exercise, collecting data on both clinical aspects and the cellular mechanism has become a high priority for my research.

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