Webinars 2020


Reaching Out – How Rolfing® Makes Us Feel Stronger and Better

A Series of 7 FREE Webinars designed to help us during this transition time

Produced by ERA – The European Rolfing® Association – May 2020

Our Webinars

Topical Webinars Delivered by the World’s Leading Rolfing® Teachers.

ERA has teamed up with leading Rolfing® experts, who have kindly agreed to participate in this project, to share their knowledge, experience and passion with you.  They will be delivering a series of free online seminars open to all of you who share a common interest in enhancing the health and wellness of your clients, as well as in your own self-care.



Robert Schleip
Self myofascial release, beyond foam rolling – A useful model for online coaching?
MAY 5th Tuesday at 4pm Rome Time (GMT+2)
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Pedro Prado
Emotions, Isolation, Loss of Work… Adaptability and Proficiency – The psychobiological perspective
MAY 8th Friday at 3pm Rome Time (GMT+2)
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Jonathan Martine 
Somatic Integration: Understanding the Nervous System’s response to stress, restoring safety through mindfulness and neural fascial self-care
MAY 12th Tuesday at 4pm Rome Time (GMT+2)
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Pierpaola Volpones and Kathrin Grobelnik
Fascia as a Sensorial Organ. Help to Find your Centre in a Changing Reality. Reflections on embodiment exploration inspired by Rolfing® and Martial Arts
MAY 15th Friday at 3pm Rome Time (GMT+2)
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Kevin Frank and Caryn McHose
Linking physical stability and security with psychological stability and security through Rolf Movement™. Fostering our inherent stability for ourselves, our clients and our students.
MAY 19th Tuesday at 4pm Rome Time (GMT+2)
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Juan David Velez
An Optimistic View for the Future of Rolfing® in a Post-Pandemic World.
MAY 22th Friday at 3pm Rome Time (GMT+2)
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Peter Schwind
Fascial Training for the crossroads of organs and muscles
MAY 26th Tuesday at 4pm Rome Time (GMT+2)
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Coordination of the event: Marina Blandini, Marcel Teeuw, Pierpaola Volpones

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Why should I attend these webinars?

Over the past few weeks, we have all been touched and affected by the effects of Coronavirus; it is a worldwide event that moved very quickly and into every region of the world. It is natural to feel confused, disoriented and uncertain about the future.  These webinars are designed to inspire, present new opportunities, and open up fresh horizons.