Addressing Pathologies of the Lower Extremities, Pelvis and Lumbar Spine with Rolfing®

fingerprintEntry Requirements
• Certified Rolfer®
• SI Practitioner (IASI approved)
Thu. + Fri. 9am-6pm, Sat. 9am-4.30pm
Certified Rolfer®, Certified Advanced Rolfer®

Thomas Sonnleitner became a Certified Rolfer

Cost: €680.00

In this course we will work on dysfunctions of the lower limbs, including problems of the pelvis and the lumbar spine. We will look at dysfunctions of the vertebral discs, facet joints of the lumbar spine, the sacrum, the coccyx and of course all joints of the lower extremities (knee, hip and ankle).

Who is this course for

• Certified Rolfer®
• SI Practitioner (IASI approved)

  • CE-Credits: 3 IRC (manipulation credits) towards the Advanced Rolfing® Training

(Prices, dates, course locations and teachers are subject to change.)


You’ll learn about

While clinical dysfunctions are a clear point of departure for this workshop, we build a bridge to our Rolfing context in terms our understanding and proposed treatment. This means that we integrate the work through a better organisation of the body in gravity and perception.

Another focus of the workshop is the theme of container and content (outside/inside), which means that we will observe the connection between the structural (musculoskeletal) and visceral system in the area of the pelvis.