Introduction to ScarWork and BoneWork – Including Work on the Cranium and Sacrum (Tail-End) – with Mechanobiology

Thu. + Fri. 9am-6pm, Sat. 9am-4.30pm
Certified Advanced Rolfer®, Rolf Movement™ Practitioner

Sharon Wheeler was certified in Rolfing-Structural Integration in 1970, she was one of Dr. Rolf’s students and “Artistic Experiments”. She has…

Researcher and lecturer ScarWork and BoneWork based on Stuctural Integration.

Teacher of ScarWork, BoneWork based on Structural Integration,,
Bodysculpture and Feel Anatomy 3D, Dare to massage,SI for Cranium and Tail…

Cost: €680.00

This three-day workshop introduces Sharon Wheeler’s unique ScarWork, BoneWork, and the Cranium and Pelvic classes, which could be considered as branches on the tree of Structural Integration. As they share the same basic orientation and philosophy while using different hands-on techniques, they can enhance your Rolfing/Structural Integration practice. ScarWork and BoneWork classes have been opened to everyone with an interest in improving structure and function.

You will get an insight into the fascinating world of mechanobiological mechanisms of action that can explain the often instantaneous tissue effects observed. This includes the piezo channels essential for the sense of touch, the discovery of which was worth the Nobel Prize in 2021.

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Who is this course for
  • open to all Therapists and Body worker
  • CE-Credits: 3 Elective credits towards the Advanced Rolfing® Training

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You’ll learn about

In summary, the workshop will give you new tools and a new understanding of the effects of our work on different levels in the body, from the cells and fibres to the structural organisation of the whole body. An inspiring way of crossbridging Structural Integration and science.