The shoulder girdle

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The shoulder girdle and its relationship with its neighboring structures

The shoulder girdle is the bridge between the periphery of the arms and the axial system of the thorax and spine, that includes the neck.

Being like a belt, the shoulders can facilitate or limit effective coordination between the periphery and the center due to a myofascial and joints imbalance.

In this class we will discuss the anatomy and functional aspects of the shoulders and its relationships to neighboring structures: the neck, the arms, the thorax.

We will study the implications of shoulder disorganization with the related structures and the other way around: how disbalance at the arms, neck and thorax might affect the shoulder.

We will learn specific palpation and manipulation techniques for resolving these issues to bring the whole system to higher function and ease.

This class will include lectures, demonstrations, practicum’s, and exchange of sessions.


3 IRC credits, valid to attend the Advanced Rolfing® Training.

Who is this course for

Open for all Certified Rolfers® and Rolf Movement™ Practitioner.