Intensive Training Phase 2

fingerprintEntry Requirements
• Completed Level 1 Myofascial Foundation workshops
• Received the ‘Ten-Series’ from a Certified Rolfer or Structural Integration practitioner (IASI approved)
• A personal statement where you tell us why you want to study this course, why now, and describe your experience with the Ten-Series*
• A 1-day first aid course (you can do this in your country with an accredited provider, eg the Red Cross)
• A basic criminal records check
30 days, 3-5 days a week, 9am 6 pm, weekends are off
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A member of the Dr. Rolf Institute since 1987 and an International and European Rolfing® and Rolf Movement™ Faculty member,…

Cost: €7290.00

The series of ten individual sessions that Dr.Ida Rolf developed have structural and functional themes. Each session is conceptually built upon each other.

During this part of the Rolfing Training you will be introduced to understand the theoretical and practical background of the treatment plan. You will observe the ten sessions that the teachers demonstrate on their models. You will do practical exercises to train your perception so to be able to read structural and functional patterns; you will further refine your touch and body use through practical exercises of techniques applied on one another.

Finally, working with a fellow student, you will develop a treatment strategy for the ten sessions and carry it out under the teachers’ supervision. You will, of course, also receive the ten session series from another student, under teachers’ supervision.

You’ll learn about
  • Topics: In this section you learn about the traditional series’ theoretical background (“recipe”). You experience the 10-session series and have time to practice. You conduct the 10 sessions under supervision on your fellow students as well as experience them yourself.
  • Interviews are held with students throughout and at the end of Phase II.

Based on the ten session series you will learn the following:

  • anatomical background and biophysical aspects of the individual treatments
  • theoretical background of each of the ten sessions
  • tests and techniques pertaining to the goals and themes of each session
  • to perceptively read relevant body structures and movement patterns and to develop a strategy of a treatment plan
  • the performance of the treatment plan on each other with a concluding feedback from the teachers

Dig deeper into the curriculum

‘Ten Series’ session 1: Breathing freely in gravity – encountering client, we define pelvis and thorax relationship, shoulder girdles and arms. A touch that provides expansion and rest.

‘Ten -Series’ session 2: Balancing walking – the fascinating relationship of feet, lower legs and their transition to the spine. A touch that differentiates the small structures of the feet, and tracks gravity support in the legs, spine and thorax.

‘Ten-Series’ session 3: Easy sitting, easy standing – front and back stability and volume happen as the lateral axis becomes available. A touch on the lateral structures of the body that contains and supports differentiation of layers

‘Ten -Series’ sessions 4 and 5: Anchoring Into Pelvic Floor And Feet; opening thinner midline of the legs; a sensitive and precise touch that brings awareness and freedom of pelvic core space - Spaciousness and dynamics in the abdominal area, we free the action of the psoas gently addressing core space. A touch that organizes container and content in the front of the trunk

‘Ten-Series’ session 6: A strong, resilient, and supple back – Length And Organization Of The back, continuity of fascia from heels to occiput. A touch that adapts to different muscle tones and provides a sense of continuity.

‘Ten-Series’ session 7: A head fully supported from below and oriented in space. Specific work around the neck and head, mouth and nose included. A delicate and precise touch that opens inner volume, orients into space and frees mobility of the neck.

‘Ten-Series’ sessions 8 and 9: Integrating trunk, spine and extremities. Balancing the girdles, to help stability and flexibility. A touch that combines local work within a global intent. Integrating spine, pelvis and extremities, we enhance the myofascial relationships between centre and periphery.     

‘Ten-Series’ session 10: Finding closure that brings the organism to its highest possible level of integration. A touch that serves this purpose. Certification workshop business plan presentation.

Payment Details:

Down Payment of 500 € due after registration.
Remaining amount due 4 weeks before start.
Installments are possible on request.


Further information and all forms you will receive after registration or upon request to Martina Berger by phone or email: +49-89-543 709 41 or

Registration open until 10.09.2023.