Phase 2

fingerprintEntry Requirements
• Completion of Myofascial Level 1 or Phase 1
• Completion of Rolfing® Ten Series
• Completion of 2 Rolf Movement™ sessions
Certified Rolf Movement™ Instructor, Certified Advanced Rolfing® Instructor, Mentor

A member of the Rolf Institute since 1986 and an International and European Rolfing

Cost: €7290.00
Down Payment of 400 € after registration.
Installments upon request possible.

The series of ten individual sessions that Dr. Ida Rolf developed have structural and functional themes. Each session is conceptually built upon each other.

During this part of the Rolfing Training you will be introduced to understand the theoretical and practical background of the treatment plan.

You will observe the ten sessions that the teachers demonstrate on their models. You will do practical exercises to train your perception so to be able to read structural and functional patterns; you will further refine your touch and body use through practical exercises of techniques applied on one another.

Finally, working with a fellow student, you will develop a treatment strategy for the ten sessions and carry it out under the teachers’ supervision. You will, of course, also receive the ten session series from another student, under teachers’ supervision.

  • Duration: 33 days within 8 weeks
  • Topics: In this section you learn about the traditional series’ theoretical background (“recipe”). You experience the 10-session series and have time to practice. You conduct the 10 sessions under supervision on your fellow students as well as experience them yourself.
Who is this course for

Students who have passed Myofascial Level 1 or Phase 1, completed the 10 series of Rolfing sessions and 2 Rolf Movement™ sessions.

You’ll learn about

Based on the ten session series you will learn the following:

– anatomical background and biophysical aspects of the individual treatments
– theoretical background of each of the ten sessions
– tests and techniques pertaining to the goals and themes of each session
– to perceptively read relevant body structures and movement patterns and to develop a strategy of a treatment plan
– the performance of the treatment plan on each other with a concluding feedback from the teachers

During Phase II there will be individual interviews with the teachers.

A final interview will allow entrance into Phase III or Level 3.

Please email Martina Berger for the registration form and further information.