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fingerprintEntry Requirements
• 18+ years old
Cost: €580.00
per 3-day course

Upon completion of the nine Level 1 courses on offer you receive a certificate in Myofascial Foundation and you can sign up for the next Level of the

The first three courses can officially be seen as taster courses for you to see if the training suits for you and if you want to become a Rolfer®.

For Movement we recommend to start with course 1 or 2, but you need to do both before course Movement 3.
For Touch you need to start with Touch 1.
For Anatomy the order is free.

For more information about the content of Level 1, please click on the left side on the link: Level 1 - Myofascial Foundation.

Movement 1 - from 14.-16.03.2025 with Rita Geirola
Anatomy 1 - from 18.-20.03.2025 with Gerhard Hesse
Touch 1 - from 22.-24.03.2025 with Pierpaola Volpones

Movement 2 - from 11.-13.07.2025 with Nicola Carofiglio
Anatomy 2 - from 15.-17.07.2025 with Gerhard Hesse
Touch 2 - from 19.-21.07.2025 with Kathrin Grobelnik

Movement 3 - from 24.-26.07.2025 with Rita Geirola
Anatomy 3 - from 28.-30.07.2025 with Gerhard Hesse
Touch 3 - from 01.-03.08.2025 with Kathrin Grobelnik

The cost for one 3-day workshop is 580 Euro.