European Advanced Rolfing® Training 2022

fingerprintEntry Requirements
• Certification as a Rolfer®
• A minimum of three years full-time Rolfing practice
• A required amount of Continuing Education credits
• For more details see 'Who this Course is for'
Certified Advanced Rolfer®, Rolf Movement™ Practitioner

Jonathan was certified as a Rolfer in 1992 and completed his advanced Rolfing certification in 1997 at the Dr Ida Rolf Institute in Boulder,…

Certified Rolf Movement™ Instructor, Certified Rolfer®, Rolf Movement® Faculty, Certified Rolfing® Instructor, Certified Advanced Rolfer®, Mentor, Rolf Movement™ Practitioner

A member of the Dr. Rolf Institute since 1987 and an International and European Rolfing® and Rolf Movement™ Faculty member,…

Cost: €4900.00
Conditions Apply - see below for full details.

Instructor: Jonathan Martine
Assistant: Rita Geirola
This training will be in two parts: Mon 17 Jan to Tue 1 Feb 2022 and Tues 29 Mar – Wed 13 April 2022.

Rolfing®, as a practice and a profession is an art that continues to unfold throughout the lifetime of the Rolfer®. The Advanced Training is a very special mark in the life of a Rolfer, a moment when each student brings the skills, understandings and questions of the first years of clinical practice into an environment where together we will question, research and discover new worlds.

The Advanced Training is an exciting moment in which there is time to deepen into a fuller, broader and more integrated understanding of what it is to practice Rolfing and be a Rolfer.

The Advanced Rolfing certification course (AT) provides practitioners with a 24-day extended-format course designed to advance the diverse and complex set of skills required to develop mastery in Rolfing. Emphasis is on developing the skill to create a client-centred approach through the application of non-formulaic principles for basic and advanced clients. 

As Rolfers we are invoking our client’s ability to appropriately respond to whatever arises in their environment, be it internal or external. Dr. Rolf said that the purpose of the advanced training is "to see their (the clients') radical individuality and to tailor our work to that distinctiveness."

Who is this course for

Members are required to take the Advanced Training after three to seven years of full-time equivalent practice. If a Rolfer™ elects to complete his/her Rolf Movement® Certification, then the time is extended to nine years.

  1. Certification as a Rolfer™.
  2. A minimum of three years full-time Rolfing practice; limited practice will be assessed as a half-year only.
  3. Members are required to accumulate a required number of Continuing Education credits over the three to seven year period allowed to enroll in the Advanced Training.  Because of evolving requirements over the next several years, the ERA will be applying the following criteria for satisfying the CE credits:

For the 2020 Advanced Rolfing Training and beyond — 18 Continuing Education Credits

  • 10 Intermediate Required (manipulation) Credits*, taught by a Rolfing Faculty instructor.
  • 5 Movement Credits, taught by a Rolf Movement™ instructor.
  • 3 Elective Credits**, taught by an approved instructor.

* Specific mandatory Continuing Education Credits as per the recently published RISI Continuing Education Policy will be required of Rolfers Certifying during or after 2017.  All Rolfers who Certified before 2017 will not have to fulfill the Intermediate Required Credit requirement and can substitute the current 9 Manipulation and 3 Internal Motion CE credits instead. Furthermore, any credits taken more than 7 years prior to the planned Training will not be counted as valid CE credits to meet the admission requirements.

Please send in this admission check list.

** Elective Credits may also include additional manipulation or movement coursework beyond the specific Intermediate and Movement credits noted above.

If an applicant has not completed the required CE credits for admission to the Advanced Training they may apply for a waiver to the ERA Office. However, before receiving the Advanced Certification every person must have complete all the applicable CE requirements.

Application form

Price Conditions

Registration and down payment of € 500.- required after registration
1. payment until 01.12.2021: 2450 €
2. payment until 10.02.2022: 1950 €

For each ERA-WS-Credit (only organized by ERA Munich) you will get a discount of 10 € - max. 150 € for 15 ERA-WS-Credits.

You’ll learn about

The 10-series, Dr. Rolf’s gift to the world, will provide a starting point for our inquiry.  A study of the internal logic, the relationships inherent in the recipe and the body, will be a review of the series from the perspective of evoking integration.  Detailed anatomy and a survey of theory (from historical perspectives and new science)to describe the complex phenomenon of embodiment will be explored. Myo-fascial, neuro-fascial, viscero-fascial and cranio-fascial approaches will be presented.  Structural, joint-specific approaches will be presented that include the multi-dimensional (beyond the mechanical) aspect of biomechanics. Tracking, back-work and other integrative functional strategies will be presented and refined. We will draw from and synthesize our years of personal clinical experimentation; movement and functional modalities, (from other allied health fields); and what we have learned from those that came before us.

There are many skills, attributes and characteristics that make an effective practitioner. We will explore what we consider to be the two primary requirements: practitioner presence and the utilization of a broad spectrum of contact.   A practitioner’s presence alone is  a form of contact which either invites or restricts a client’s experience and awareness.  A broad spectrum of contact involves many elements: the ability to match the needs of the client; speak the language of each tissue type being contacted; balance giving and receiving information; honoring the system's response.  During a session all of these elements must be negotiated moment by moment.  We will access, expand and refine each student’s ability to be present with "self "and "other" to enhance the extent of change which leads to integration, holism.

The Advanced Training format aims to create a collaborative environment utilizing lecture/ discussion, demonstration, body reading and palpation practicums. Each Rolfer will give and receive work with a class partner and work on an outside client or two.