Phase 3

fingerprintEntry Requirements
• Completion of Phase 2
• Completion of 2 Mentor sessions
• Completion of a Inter Phase paper
Certified Rolfer®, Certified Rolfing® Instructor, Certified Advanced Rolfer®, Mentor, Rolf Movement™ Practitioner

Christoph Sommer is a Certified Advanced Rolfer

Cost: €6450.00

Phase 3 Rolfing® leads to a professional qualification as a Certified Rolfer® and membership of the ERA.

This classroom-based course lets you develop and deepen your Rolfing Structural Integration skills. Working with your own clients, you’ll learn step-by-step how to put your skills into practice.

What to expect in class

    you're taught using a mix of practical exercises and theory
    you’ll work in pairs or small groups to explore and practice the course content
    you’ll work one-to-one with your client
    you'll get plenty of support as there'll be one teacher for every 8 students and no more than 16 students per class


On successful completion of the course and the certification workshop at the end, you'll graduate as a Certified Rolfer®. You’ll now join the European Rolfing® Association as a member and can open your own practice. As a graduate, you will qualify for two years of discounted membership fees

Payment Details:

Down Payment of 1200 € due after registration.
6 Modules of 1075 € minus 200 € down payment - due 14 days before start of each module

This Phase includes all of the following Modules:

Module 1
22 Mar 2023 to 26 Mar 2023

Module 2
25 Apr 2023 to 30 Apr 2023

Module 3
13 Jun 2023 to 18 Jun 2023

Module 4
04 Jul 2023 to 09 Jul 2023

Module 5
29 Aug 2023 to 03 Sep 2023

Module 6
19 Oct 2023 to 22 Oct 2023