Rolf Movement™


Through Rolf Movement™ clients learn how to sense, befriend and integrate gravity in their movement. From simple breathing and walking to more complex movement coordination, clients discover alternatives that free expressiveness and promote balance. Once secure and stable in themselves, clients discover that movement can be economical, powerful and fluid.

You'll learn about
- Deepen the understanding of the functional aspects of the 10 Rolfing sessions. The embodied explorations will be a platform for the Rolfer to deepen their understanding of the Rolfing process and to be able therefore to offer more resonant movement explorations for their clients session by session.

- focus on learning how to strategise and build a series of 3 Rolf Movement Sessions, not necessarily linked to the classical Rolfing Process; this will support Rolfers in creating a richer tool-set for meeting the varied needs of clients.

- Using Rolf Movement™ theory, principles and embodied explorations, we will explore further how to create sequences and sustain series of movement exploration classes to be used in a group setting.
Who is this course for
- Rolf Movement™ is a separate yet complimentary training program to the traditional Rolfing Structural Integration. Its goals is to work with clients from a functional, movement-based, perspective which is often complementary to the manual structural work.

Within the ERA about 25% of all Rolfers® have received the additional Rolf Movement™ Certification. Many use it to enrich their traditional Structural Integration work, yet others also offer individual Rolf Movement sessions and workshops.

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