Post Certification Workshop

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Certified Rolfer®
Certified Advanced Rolfer®, Certified Rolfer®, Mentor, Rolf Movement™ Practitioner

Gerhard Hesse is a Certified Advanced Rolfer

Cost: €1259.95

This six-day workshop offers you the opportunity to address questions that have surfaced during your first year in practice; this class is mandatory and completes the Basic Rolfing® Training program.

You will have the possibility to work with an outside client under your instructor's supervision to review and deepen the understanding and application of what you have learned during the basic training.

Every newly Certified Rolfer® will encounter challenging situations and experiences during their first year in practice. Having the opportunity to share those experiences with others who are going through the same thing, in a “supervised” setting, provides reassurance, and builds confidence. The Supervision workshop is designed to provide this opportunity. 

Who is this course for

Certified Rolfer® (2020) after one year of practice.

Repeaters are welcome to attend for half price.

You’ll learn about

Gain insight about yourself and your work:

  • Have you developed bad habits when working, where you are not using your body safely?
  • Are you inadvertently performing techniques or with less effectiveness?
  • What are you not doing and not aware you are lacking in your work?