12 days of review of the recipe and exploration beyond the recipe to meet client’s Needs, Part 3 of 3

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Instructor France Hatt-Arnold
Language English
Date 13.12.2018 — 16.12.2018
Price 720 CHF or 600 Euro
Location Geneva

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In these 12 day you will enhance your capacity to:

– Bring security in your organism when you work by integrating gravity at every steps of your session
– Meet and manage client’s needs throughout the session
– Determine where to work, binding Rolf Movement™ analysis and manual testings
– Find guidance and security in your touch by resuming which are the necessary places to work on, listening and informing fascia at the requested layers
– Create security in your choice of strategy for each session and adapt your decision making during the course of the session
– Help client negotiate gravity, lying, standing, sitting and walking
– Acompany clients to explore

6 Intermediate (Manipulation) Credits and 6 Movement Credits for part 1 – 3

Part 1: August 30th, to September 2nd, 2018
Part 2: October 11th to October 14th, 2018
Part 3: December 13th to December 16th, 2018