Advancing your Structural Integration skills

Instructor Jonathan Martine
Language English
Date 27.10.2019 — 30.10.2019
Price 700 Euro
Location Dalkey Co Dublin, Ireland

This 4-day workshop is a time to deepen and clarify your understanding of the 10-series with a focus on building links from initial intake interview, seeing patterns through observation, assessment in movement and on table, strategizing and bringing closure.

Review, renew and refresh your Structural Integration work.

Local Contact: Jim Mc Mahon Tel: 00353-86-8054128 or E-Mail

Cost: 700 Euro // Early Bird till sept 26th 650 Euro

Highlights will include:

  1. Each day two students will receive a session from the instructor tailored to their needs  and goals. These optional sessions will highlight the process of moving from observation to strategy and integration and provide a catalyst for discussion.
  2. Topics will include clinical reasoning based upon assessments and intervention principles. Unique client positioning and movement to assist integration of appendicular to axial. Home exercises and movement suggestions for clients to continue to explore after sessions.
  3. Explore, in more detail, the elements of effective interventions: including establishing safety through mindfulness of boundaries and listening, enrolling and supporting client goals, adapting space awareness and monitoring client layer of availability.
  4. Rolf Movement work, tracking and back work will be included to complement the session work.  Also, practicum time will offer opportunity to refine touch, palpatory accuracy, listening, and seeing skills

This is a time to connect with yourself through receiving work and with colleagues through discussion and practicum. Connect with the spirit of service and  replenish and nourish yourself as a practitioner.