Art of Rolfing

Instructor Sharon Wheeler
Language English
Date 21.11.2019 — 24.11.2019
Price 850 Euro
Location Stockholm

This 4-days workshop with Sharon Wheeler in Stockholm, Sweden, is a retrospective workshop from one of Dr. Rolf’s “Artistic Experiments”.

Class Size: 6
You can earn 3 elective credits

Organization: Louise Almgren E-Mail:

Cost: 850 Euro

In practice, the Art of Rolfing® is the transformation of dense damaged tissue into the spacious fascial web of well being…

Sharon was taught very differently from the rest of the students who used anatomy. She was taught to work through vision and touch, with Dr. Rolf working through her hands so she could feel how to change tissue. Dr. Rolf wanted to train Sharon the same way she had learned — without reference to anatomy– from an artistic perspective.

Dr. Rolf may never have done the same session the same way twice, but her method of working remained the same from the Riverhouse Classes of 1970 to her last Philadelphia Advanced Class in 1979. In this workshop, we will explore Dr. Rolf’s different ways of changing tissue like strumming, ironing, shoveling and scraping, her method of triangulating the directional vector of the tissue, and her way for determining when she had succeeded.

Dr. Rolf told stories illustrating how the history of accident was embedded in the body along with the age that accident happened… and stories about the origins of the work, she told of Grace, the music teacher; the first person she Rolfed and of the flowers in her hair. She used stories to illustrate her cryptic sayings; “Where you think it is, it ain’t.” and “if at first you don’t succeed, get the hell out.”

Sharon teaches with a hands on artistic perspective – honoring the way Dr. Rolf taught her: sharing her personal stories of Dr. Rolf, and Rolfing legends & lore.

The first 3 days there will be one session given in the morning and one in the afternoon. The last day, each participant will plan and give a session to a model, with the guidance of Sharon, having the opportunity to practice the new techniques.