Back to Basics – Reviewing the Rolfing® Touch

Instructor Pierpaola Volpones
Language English
Date 01.06.2019 — 02.06.2019
Price 300 + 22% VAT Euro
Location Hotel Re Enzo

2 Intermediate (Manipulation) Required Credits

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This is a 2-days workshop that aims to:

– refresh the basics of Rolfing® Touch in terms of tools, variety of touch, body use, attention and intention,

– explore and experiment how to reach and approach different fascial layers,

– evoke, promote and recognize a positive response of the connective tissue.

Back to Basics emerges from the need to explore how to stay connected with the manual roots of our work.

A clear and clean touch, supported by a good body use, is the prerequisite to apply any more complexed technique together with being able to stay oriented in the tissue web, while acting and listening,