Container and Content in the Context of Rolfing® / Part 2 of 2 / Zürich

Instructor Konrad Obermeier
Language English
Date 18.01.2019 — 20.01.2019
Price 630,00 CHF, not Euro
Location Yoga-Limmat

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Techniques from the Osteopathic field of Visceral Manipulation can easily be integrated into the daily work of Rolfing and can effectively improve the results of sessions. Expanding your level of skills through Visceral Manipulation can add a very potent approach to problem solving and can contribute significantly to a deeper understanding of complex structural patterns. From a Rolfing point of view the interface between the „Structural Container“ and the „ Organ Content” is of specific importance.

29.06.-01.07.2018  Part 1    3 Intermediate (Manipulation) Credits, Munich
07.12.-09.12.2018  Part 2   3 Intermediate (Manipulation) Credits, Munich

18.01.-20.01.2019  Part 2    3 Intermediate (Manipulation) Credits, Zürich