Rolf Movement™: Exploring the pelvic area

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Instructor Pierpaola Volpones
Language English
Date 05.05.2017 — 07.05.2017
Price 510,00 Euro
Location European Rolfing® Assocation e.V. (ERA) Training Center

Flyer RM Exploring the pelvic area

Three Rolf Movement™ credits are requested to attend the Advanced Training and this workshop is an opportunity to satisfy the requirement and in the same time to deepen the understanding and practice of the tools that belongs to the Rolf Movement™ work that can be easily applied in the Rolfing sessions.

The workshop will focus on the study of the pelvic area.

The biomechanics of the pelvis is a rather complex theme: the relationship between ilia and sacrum and the possible fixations, the limitations at the hip joint and hip hinge, the role of the pelvic floor in static and dynamic, the lumbo – sacral hinge that creates or limits the continuity between sacrum and spine.

Because of the complexity of the theme, it’s true that it takes time to be grasped, understood and embodied: the workshop intends to create appropriate space and time for exercises, movements, and also hands on work from the perspective of the functional work around the pelvic area to help the Rolfer™ to move forward in the comprehension of the pelvis from the Rolfing® perspective.