From Planes to Shapes, Spheres and Spaces

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Instructor Harvey Burns
Language English
Date 25.08.2017 — 27.08.2017
Price 550 CHF, not Euro
Location Chateau Rochefort

An Experimental Workshop with Harvey Burns

Imagine being given this task. Before you is a shape of some sort and you cannot see beyond its surface. The object has a covering which is pliable to various degrees in different areas. You’re told that there is a certain, silent activity within and that the shape itself might change at any moment. Your job is to sense and interpret the internal activity while permitting a change in the shape no matter how subtle or dramatic. How would you go about accomplishing this? How would you describe what you eventually came to sense? (Barrett Dorko)….

more information: Flyer Rolfing Workshop August 2017 with Harvey Burns