Listening Hand Seminars – Explorations in Wholeness™

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Instructor Thomas Walker and Gale Loveitt
Language English
Date 27.09.2018 — 30.09.2018
Price 750 USD, not Euro
Location Future Health Institute

4 Elective Credits

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The EiW curriculum is based on the development of the Cranial Concept by Dr.William Sutherland,DO. You will learn to work with The Fluid Body, which encompasses all aspects of the whole body from dense bone to fluids, within and outside the physical body.

By learning to interact consciously with the fluids, you will experience a new level of profound healing. Engage and augment the body’s inherent organizing and self healing capacity.

Working with the Fluid Body engages the function of Wholeness. EiW teaches the use of “cranial touch” for the whole body and how to integrate into Rolfing.

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Thomas Walker and Gale Loveitt

Certified Advanced Rolfers