Neural Fascial Mobilization: Peripheral Nerves of Shoulder and Pelvic Girdles

Instructor TBA
Language English
Date 15.09.2015 — 17.09.2015
Price TBD Euro
Location Hotel Fuerte Conil-Fuerte Luz

> Jon Martine
2 days 14/15 September 2015
09.00 – 18.00 Sala Zahora,
2 Manipulation Credits

This class explores the relationship of neural fascial restriction/inflammation to structural imbalances. When the body has nerve fascia that is restricted and fails to glide, the entire system becomes pre-occupied. Reducing this ”pre-occupation” is necessary for reducing pain and restoring optimal function. Decompressing the neural and visceral fascial structures that influence the thoracic outlet and the pelvic and sacral plexis will be a focus as we explore the peripheral nerves of the shoulder and pelvic girdles.

> Jon Martine, is a Certified Rolfer (1990), Certified Advanced Rolfer (1997), and Rolf Institute® Faculty member. Beyond influences from the Rolfing and Structural Integration world, Jonathan draws from the Osteopathic work of Steven Sanet, Jean-Pierre Barral and Alain Crobier; Physiotherapy work of David Butler, Michael Shacklock, and Diane Jacobs; work of Chiropractor/Rolfer Don Hazen, and Chiropractor / Neurologist Dr. Michael Allen in a synthesis of neural/visceral fascial work.