Rolf Movement™ and Somatic coaching – Integration at the workplace in group dynamics and in ourselves.

Instructor Bibiana Badenes
Language English
Date 10.11.2018
Price 365 € Euro
Location White Spreelounge

When we are challenged, threatened or hurt, our natural tendency is to constrict or collapse our attention, breathing, posture, vision and movement—which is experienced as such states as fear, anger, effort, strain, shock, weakness, resignation, dissociation and so on.

In task performance, these physical responses interfere with planning and physical coordination. In situations of conflict, these powerful physical patterns undermine people’s ability to think rationally, interact empathically, and act peacefully when the physical response patterns get locked into the body.

By learning how to open and balance your body, breath, and attention, you can create a physical and mental state of relaxation, expansiveness, calm alertness, and compassionate power. This state of mind/body integrity is the foundation for overcoming the distress response and for handling life’s challenges effectively, this can be applied right away in our clients and with all situations of our daily life.

1 Elective Credit

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