Rolfing®, Trauma and the Breath (Part 1 and Part 2)

Instructor Lael Katherine Keen
Language English
Date 22.05.2019 — 26.05.2019
Price 400,00 Euro
Location Orangerie - Merian Gärten

Flyer and Registration (Organisation: Katharina Adiecha)

5 Intermediate (Manipulation) Credits
5 Movement Credits

According to the world average, the human being breathes 25,920 times per
The repetitive movement of the breath is one of the most influential elements
that there is in both human structure and function.

In these 10 days (divided into two five day workshops) we will explore the
breath and breathing from many different points of view.
We will learn how to intervene with the breath in ways that do not involve willing
or forcing—working with the act of attention and allowing as opposed to an act
of tension.

Part 1: May 22 -26, 2019
Part 2: November 15 – 19, 2019