Sitting and Standing Work

Instructor Rita Geirola
Language English
Date 03.05.2019 — 05.05.2019
Price 450 +22% VAT Euro
Location Hotel Re Enzo

3 intermediate required credits (1 Manipulation + 2 Movement)

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In giving sessions, there can be good reasons to decide to work using different ways to organize the client´s body position, like sitting or standing.

It happens more often at the end of a session, to integrate in a different relation to gravity what we have achieved in the lying on the table work.

Or sometimes clients cannot easily lay on the table because of physical impediments, and we have to be able to adapt to their limitations and boundaries.

In any case, having the client in a more active relation to gravity, eliciting the tonic activity to stabilize their system meanwhile receiving the inputs of the Rolfer work, can be a powerful tool to reach a better level of integration, and learn how to use what they got from the session in a more “every day like” context.

In the workshop students will explore:

  • ways to improve self-perception in the clients while he is active in gravity
  • ways to give tissue work and offer functional suggestions to the system, both related to the 10 basic sessions, or to specific goals (for example: movement related gesture improvement, like musicians)