Spectrum Rolfing® Living Anatomy 2019

Instructor Konrad J. Obermeier
Language English
Date 05.09.2019 — 08.09.2019
Price 500 Euro
Location European Rolfing® Assocation e.V. (ERA) Training Center


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The course is a 4 days workshop and taught by a Certified Life Science Instructor.

Spectrum Rolfing® offers:

  • a comprehensive introduction into the world of bodywork from a Rolfing perspective. It will provide you with new insights in the areas of body structure, movement coordination, 3-dimensional fascial and functional anatomy and manual bodywork skills.
  • appropriate practice for any bodyworker wishing to refresh and deepen their knowledge in the field of structure, movement and touch. It is equally inspiring for those without a professional background who are curious about the human body and its functioning.