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Instructor Paul Gordon
Language English
Date 19.05.2017 — 21.05.2017
Price 420 - 460 Euro
Location Praxis Konrad Obermeier - Skills Institute

Twelve years ago a client called me in Boston. A concert cellist living in New York, she was leaving that evening to begin a European tour. The night before she had fallen and badly sprained her ankle. It was so swollen she feared she couldn’t get on the plane; she certainly couldn’t walk. Was there anything I could do? Thus began a journey I hadn’t planned on nor, truly, ever intended taking. Over the years the value of internet sessions as a tool for working with friends, family and clients who are unable to come to the office has only grown. With nearly 40 years in practice and clients all over the world, Skype sessions are roughly 30-40% of my work. ….

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