The Inner Shape of the Craniosacral System and its Significance for Structural Integration

Instructor TBA
Language English
Date 09.09.2015 — 11.09.2015
Price TBD Euro
Location Hotel Fuerte Conil-Fuerte Luz

Workshop with Peter Schwind
3 days 9/10/11 September 2015
09.00 – 18.00 Sala Fontanilla,
3 Manipulation Credits (cranial)

This workshop has several objectives:
—— To understand and manage practically the different modalities of touch used by treating muscle fascia, visceral fascia and membranes of the craniosacral system
—— To train the sensitivity of the practitioner’s hands to distinquish restrictions at the level of the outer layers of the cranium, at the level of inner membranes and at the level of sutures
—— To train the hands to perceive the ”spatial”order inside the cranium and its relation to the cavities of the trunk
—— To teach traditional and new techniques for the treatment of strain present in the cranium, neck and TMJ.

> Peter Schwind, Ph.D. is an Advanced Instructor
(1999) with the Rolf Institute®. He has been in private practice since 1980 in Munich, where during the early eighties, he organized one of the first series of cranial workshops for Rolfers, doctors and chiropractors. For over 30 years, he has remained in close dialogue with leading osteopaths and considers cranial work to be his strongest interest outside traditional Rolfing SI.