The Shoulder Girdle – Support for Self-Expression

Instructor Mary Bond
Language English
Date 08.11.2018 — 10.11.2018
Price 695 € Euro
Location Hotel Essentis

Join Mary Bond for an exploration of the influence of shoulder integration on the actions and gestures of work and play, on our interactions with others, and on breathing, core stability and gait.

The workshop is designed for Structural Integration practitioners enhance their embodiment, and to gain body reading confidence and success in designing practical and transformative movement solutions for clients.

  1. Understand the shoulder patterns and problems we feel in ourselves and notice in others.
  2. Review the biomechanics of the arms, shoulder girdle and spine.
  3. Practice interventions that develop shoulder support and improve shoulder and arm articulation.
  4. Develop support for gestures of giving, receiving, grasping, receiving and stopping.
  5. Use movement education to help musicians, artists, dancers, athletes, computer programmers and new mothers eliminate shoulder symptoms.

2 Movement Credits, 1 Intermediate Credit

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