The Ten Sessions of Rolfing® – A Creative – Interactive Process in 4 Workshops

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Instructor Harvey Burns
Language English
Date 24.08.2018 — 26.08.2019
Price 800 CHF each, early bird 750 CHF, not Euro
Location Chateau Rochefort

4 Workshops with each 4 Manipulation credits

 Flyer and registration

Some years ago, I began a cycle of what I called the “4 x 4 workshops”.

They were a series of four 4-day workshops designed to help fill in the gaps in

people’s understanding of the Rolfing series – both theoretically and practically.

In 2017 I offered 3 “experimental” workshops in different countries in order to share

and experiment with some new developments in my way of working.

These developments are based on the ideas, principles, and abilities which I have

been refining for over 30 years, and are the main inspiration behind these workshop.

They are:

• The ability to work with both hands, even when they may be doing different

things. The hands should be able to work independently but in

communication with each other.

• The ability to combine and integrate direct and indirect ways of working.

• The ability to always be involved in listening to the feedback from the tissues

whatever we are doing. These clear and often subtle responses that we

perceive guide us into the directions the tissues prefer to move in response

to our quality of touch and goals.

• The ability to work locally/feel global, and extend our sense of touch to take

in, and perceive more complex relationships.