What about Meaning? Emotion Management for Rolfers™

Instructor Thomas Heinrich
Language English
Date 07.10.2016 — 09.10.2016
Price 435,00 Euro
Location Praxis Mannheim Thomas Heinrich

Flyer What about meaning

The treatment of fascia changes movement patterns as well as it releases physiological and emotional charges on a regular base.

It’s a matter of common Rolfing® knowledge that the concept about the effects of Rolfing® includes the structure of meaning. But in contrast to the other structures like the physical, perceptual and coordinative ones the structure of meaning has a shadowy existence in training and supervision. Rolfing® colleagues often report that they get insecure, when their clients get emotional during a session. The best solution they mostly find is to keep contact with them and to lend a shoulder or to hand a handkerchief.

But how are emotional reactions and Rolfing® related to each other? What is showing up in an emotional release during a session? And how can RolfersTM use the structure of meaning to enhance the structural integration?

Goals of the Workshop:

  • How does Rolfing® effect emotions?
  • What happens on the emotional level, when we get in touch with our clients?
  • How can we use the Meaning-structure in Rolfing®, without jumping to conclusion