Fascia: A review of different nomenclatures

What is ‘fascia’? A review of different nomenclatures.
[Robert Schleip, Heike Jäger, Werner Klingler]

“There are many different definitions of fascia. In this article the three most common nomenclatures are compared, including that of the Federative International Committee on Anatomical Terminology (1998), the definition included in the latest British edition of Gray’s Anatomy (2008) and the newer and more comprehensive terminology suggested at the last international Fascia Research Congress (2012). This review covers which tissues are included and excluded in each of these nomenclatures. The advantages and disadvantages of each terminology system are suggested and related to different fields of application, ranging from histology, tissue repair, to muscular force transmission and proprioception. Interdisciplinary communication involving professionals of different fields is also discussed (…)”

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