France Hatt-Arnold

france-hatt-arnold_european_rolfing_association_2016_200x300France Hatt-Arnold is a Rolf Movement™ Instructor for the Rolf Institute (1994) and a Rolfing® Instructor for the European Modular training program (2007).  She certified as a Rolf Movement™ practitioner in 1986, a Certified Rolfer™ in 1990 and an Advanced Certified Rolfer™ in 1996. Her private practice is located in Geneva, Switzerland since 1986.

France was raised in an environment of music and movement education.  Her research towards gracious movement supported by a resilient and receptive body is anchored in fascial work that eases gravity flow, and the integration of gravity into daily life’s general movement.  Familiar with traditional Rolf Movement™ taught 25 years ago, and inspired by Hubert Godard’s more recent scientific and philosophical contributions, she has blended his work and research into her teaching and practice of Rolfing® and Rolf Movement™.

France regularly teaches the Rolfing® Modular training and Rolf Movement™ training for the Rolf Institute.  She also teaches Rolf Movement™ classes to her clients, dancers, physiotherapists and orthopaedists.