I tried Rolfing® and this is what happened

“As the muscles soften in response to her words and the supportive hold, it seems that my right shoulder blade favours a waterbed. ‘I’m not sure I’ve ever even tried one of those out,’ I tell her, but that doesn’t matter. Vivien explains that it’s simply a way of going directly to my body to find out what it needs, how it wants to feel and to allow it to let go. Gradually my muscles start to relinquish some long-held tension.”

“I tried Rolfing and this is what happened” is a very interesting article published on the online Magazine Top Santè  about the first Rolfing® experience of the Deputy editor Yvonne Martin.




Original Source: www.topsante.co.uk
Author: Yvonne Martin (Deputy editor of Top Santè)
Rolfer: Vivien Skelton (Certified Advanced Rolfer™ and Rolf Movement™ Practitioner)