Into The New! – Webinar 03 – Jonathan Martine

The third webinar of the 7 FREE Webinars designed to help us during the coronavirus lockdown.

Conceived by Marina Blandini in collaboration with Marcel Teeuw and Pierpaola Volpones and produced by ERA – The European Rolfing® Association on May 2020.  ERA has teamed up with leading Rolfing® experts, who have kindly agreed to participate in this project, to share their knowledge, experience and passion with you.

Author: Jonathan Martine 
Theme: “Somatic Integration: Understanding the Nervous System’s response to stress, restoring safety through mindfulness and neural fascial self-care”
Date: MAY 12th 2020

“Jon seamlessly combines anatomy with embodiment and he taught us a beautiful self-treatment of dermo-neuro-modulation.”

“That was a much-needed tactile reminder and refresher. Thank you!”

Jonathan is one of our most sought after Advanced Rolfing® Instructors. Registration is still possible for his Advanced Certification Training planned November at our Training Centre in Munich. To find out more click here or contact Martina Berger for more information including our new protocols and flexible and refundable booking policy.

To learn about our Advanced Rolfing® Training programs and how they can help you in your development and practice, watch our video series on Vimeo here

Your engagement with our Webinar series and positive feedback has been so encouraging. We are now looking at creating more video content and webinars for our members to access. We look forward to sharing these details with you in the future.