Into The New! – Webinar 04 – Pierpaola Volpones and Kathrin Grobelnik

The fourth webinar of the 7 FREE Webinars designed to help us during the coronavirus lockdown.

Conceived by Marina Blandini in collaboration with Marcel Teeuw and Pierpaola Volpones and produced by ERA – The European Rolfing® Association on May 2020.  ERA has teamed up with leading Rolfing® experts, who have kindly agreed to participate in this project, to share their knowledge, experience and passion with you.

Author: Pierpaola Volpones and Kathrin Grobelnik
Theme: “Fascia as a Sensorial Organ. Help to Find your Centre in a Changing Reality. Reflections on embodiment exploration inspired by Rolfing® and Martial Arts”
Date: MAY 15th 2020


Thank you so much for the webinar. I enjoyed it very much. I liked how you placed the content of the teaching in the frame of the present -corona- situation.

Amazing presentation, thank you so much. Beautiful embodiment exercises, I felt safe in my body thank you.”

Pierpaola Volpones and Kathrin Grobelnik are both extremely popular teachers of our pre-training, basic training and Continuing Education (CE) workshops.

To find out more about Pierpaola and her Rolfing®, Rolf Movement™ Training and pre-training courses you can click here. To join Pierpaola at her next CE workshop – The Spine: Physiology, Biomechanics and our Perception of the Spine – in April 2021, click here for more information.

Kathrin teaches modular and intensive Rolfing® formats as well as pre-training courses and introductions to Rolfing® such as Spectrum Rolfing® Touch and Meet Rolfing® Weekends. Kathrin’s next Meet Rolfing® Weekend takes place in Munich in February 2021. Click here to find out more