Into The New! – Webinar 05 – Kevin Frank and Caryn McHose

The fifth webinar of the 7 FREE Webinars designed to help us during the coronavirus lockdown.

Conceived by Marina Blandini in collaboration with Marcel Teeuw and Pierpaola Volpones and produced by ERA – The European Rolfing® Association on May 2020.  ERA has teamed up with leading Rolfing® experts, who have kindly agreed to participate in this project, to share their knowledge, experience and passion with you.

Author: Kevin Frank and Caryn McHose
Theme: “Linking physical stability and security with psychological stability and security through Rolf Movement™. Fostering our inherent stability for ourselves, our clients and our students.”
Date: MAY 19th 2020

Kevin and Caryn are a great couple engaged in lifelong research on life and movement. With great teaching skills they brought together many Rolfing insights into an embodiment that made us feel safe again – thank you!

We are working closely with Caryn and Kevin to confirm new dates for a workshop at the upcoming Biennial Meeting in April 2021 in our Training Centre in Munich. This workshop will be for certified Rolfer® only.  You can find out more about dates and other future programs here.

In the meantime, we are delighted to confirm our Rolf Movement™ Training program in Munich which starts on 22nd of August 2020. Alternatively we are offering a Rolf Movement Integration Training starting in Poland in autumn 2021.  Pre-trainings for other professions to participate start in November 2020 in Warsaw.

For an introduction to Rolf Movement, we hold regular Spectrum Rolfing® Movement courses. Find out more here.

If you would like to book a Rolf Movement session with a Rolf Movement Practitioner in your area, please check here: Find a Rolfer™