Article on Origins of Rolfing® SI

ida_rolf_nr_48_226iThis article explains how Ida Pauline Rolf (1896–1979), the founder of the Rolfing® method, developed the manual therapy.

The author Eric Jacobson, is a Certified Advanced Rolfer™ from Arlington / MA (USA), who was trained by Dr. Rolf in 1974. His article was already published in 2011, but it’s still worth reading.

Some fascinating quotes about Rolfing® and fascia…

Central to Ida Rolf’s clinical method was the idea that the balance or imbalance in tone of fascial structures was a potent determinant of bony alignment and joint function (i.e., that the human body was in important respects a tensegrity structure).

Improving “equipoise” of fascial tone throughout the body would allow its central axis to align more closely with the gravitational vertical and even to extend upward by more fully evoking the antigravity reflex.

Journal of Alternative Complementary Medicine 2011 Sep; 17(9): 775–780. doi: 10.1089/acm.2011.0001
Structural Integration: Origins and Development