Webinar | Ali
A Rolfing Movement™ approach for self-care for the spine. Follow along to this lecture with France Hatt-Arnold, faculty member of the Dr Ida Rolf Institute® Europe, as she educates us and demonstrates exercises that help to decompress the spine. *Be ready with a yoga mat, blanket, and chair*  
| Ali
Watch Briah Anson, Certified Rolfer™ from the USA, explains what Rolfing® is and how it can benefit you.
| Ali
As someone who practices Yoga, why did you choose to become a Rolfer®?  Back problems led me to yoga, knee pain to Rolfing. The mobility of my spine was severely limited and my doctor recommended starting yoga. I did this and quickly noticed that my mobility and flexibility improved significantly…
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I started practicing yoga - reluctantly - about 20 years ago. I was very much into fitness then and worked part time as an aerobics instructor. If it was not fast or heavy it was not for me, or so I thought. Yoga seemed to be too slow and not strenuous enough for it to make any difference. I…