Rolfing, an enriching educational journey

Delara Tiv, a recently Certified Rolfer™ from Switzerland explains how going through the Rolfing® training changed her and made her more successful in her career as a dancer and yoga teacher. 

Delara knew she wanted to train as a Rolfer™ after experiencing her third session of Rolfing®. While training, she particularly enjoyed the small classes and the highly qualified teachers. Delara says: “Becoming a Rolfer™ definitely enriches your life in a very satisfying way, no matter if you were already working with the background of movement, it will take it to a higher level as a personal experience. No matter what you’re doing, doing the Rolfing® training will enrich your life, give it another meaning. So do it!”

An interview to Delara Tiv pwd by European Rolfing® Association e.V.
In-Connection Meeting, Berlin 2018.

Concept and Direction: Marina Blandini
Interviewer: Keith Graham
Editing: Royal Academy –

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