Rolfing®: a natural way to a pain-free body

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Author: Joe Dunkley

Joe Dunkley has a new clinic in Incline Village on Tahoe Boulevard and has been a practicing Rolfer for 15 years, working with top athletes in the golf world, Ironman competitors, runners and bikers, as well as sports medicine doctors, business leaders of Fortune 100 companies, and the state of Colorado.
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Ph.D. biochemist Ida P. Rolf in the 1940s invented a therapy designed specifically for the release of fascia adhesions that became known as Rolfing.
Practioners of Rolfing are known as Rolfers and they are specialists in the release of fascia or connective tissues of the body. With Rolfing, it is possible to cut back and even eliminate prescription drug usage, return to activities you thought you could no longer do, and eliminate chronic injures and stress — and I’ve even helped hundreds of people avoid surgery for back pain, shoulder problems and carpal tunnel syndrome…”

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