Education Overview

Whether you’re looking for an introduction to Rolfing® for beginners, planning a career as a Certified Rolfer® or want to deepen your existing skills. We offer a wide variety of Rolfing training courses at our Munich institute and other education centres in Europe.

Which courses to choose

This overview helps you choose the right course if you: 

  • are curious about Rolfing Structural Integration and want to find out how it can help you improve your posture, mobility and alignment of your body
  • want to train towards a career as a Certified Rolfer
  • are a Certified Rolfer and want to train towards an Advanced Rolfing certification
  • are an Advanced Rolfer and want to maintain and develop your existing skills with post-advanced education

Locations and languages

We teach most of our courses at the Dr Ida Rolf Institute® Europe in Munich, Germany. Some courses are available in different locations across Europe. English is the official language of Rolfing, but some of our classes are available in German and other local languages. 

Taster courses – if you’re new to Rolfing - Currently only available in German

'Meet Rolfing' orientation workshop and introduction to Rolfing.

Experience the basics of Rolfing in this 15-hour workshop. Learn about touch, movement and structural body analysis. Includes a mini Rolfing session. No experience necessary. Meet Rolfing - introduction to Rolfing.

Level 1 Myofascial Foundation

Lay the foundation for further study 

The Myofascial Foundation (Level 1) is our new, flexible introduction to the world of bodywork from a Rolfing perspective. 

You'll gain a solid understanding of myofascial bodywork and movement principles through a series of workshops on the core topics of touch, movement and anatomy.  

Some workshops are compulsory for further study, depending on your previous experience with bodywork. The Myofascial Foundation replaces previous ‘Spectrum’ and ‘Phase 1 Structural Integration’ courses. See: Myofascial Foundation (level 1)

Level 2 Structural Fascial Bodywork

Train towards a certificate in Structural Fascial Bodywork over 9 to 11 months

This series of 8 modules leads to a certification in Structural Fascial Bodywork. You’ll learn the basic principles behind the Rolfing ten series. The individual modules are between 3 and 8 days and you can complete the whole course over 9 to 11 months. To be admitted, you need to fulfil the entry requirements. On successful completion, you'll receive a certificate in Structural Fascial Bodywork. See: Structural Fascial Bodywork (level 2)

Level 3 Rolfing Structural Integration

Train to become a Certified Rolfer over 12 to 14 months

This course leads towards a career in Rolfing Structural Integration. The curriculum is taught over 10 modules of 4 or 5 days over a period of 12 to 14 months. On successful completion, you’ll be a Certified Rolfer. To be admitted, you need to fulfil the entry requirements.

Combined level 2 Structural Fascial Bodywork and 3 Rolfing

Intensive training to become a Certified Rolfer over 6 months

Alternatively, you can take the intensive course to qualify over 6 months. On successful completion, you will be a Certified Rolfer.

Preparatory courses for level 4 

Collect credits to qualify for Advanced training 

Attend the Continuing Education classes to collect credits towards qualifying for Advanced Rolfing training. View all continuing education classes

Level 4 – train to become an Advanced Rolfer

Advanced training lets Certified Rolfers develop and deepen their understanding and effectiveness as practitioners.

Rolf Movement™ – train to become a Rolf Movement practitioner

This modular course over 6 to 12 months leads to certification as a Rolf Movement practitioner. 

  • A 20-day version of this training is available only for people who have already completed the Certified Rolfing course, 

  • A 36-day version is available to people who have completed a Structural Integration qualification from an accrediting school.

Post-advanced Rolfing training

Continue your professional development and refresh your skills

For Certified Advanced Rolfers. Maintain your skills and deepen your knowledge with our rich and varied programme of workshops at locations in Munich and across Europe.