ROLFING – Unique in its approach

Interviews about Rolfing®, filmed during the European Rolfing® Association’s Conference in Berlin, Germany, in November 2018.  Staying true to the theme, ‘InConnection’, the European Rolfing® Association’s biennial conference brought together and connected 121 participants from 14 countries. 

In order of appearance: Robert Schleip, Ph.D (Germany), Thomas W. Findley, MD, PhD (USA), Bibiana Badenes (Spain), Peter Schwind (Germany), Suzanne Picard, MFA (USA), Rita Geirola (Italy), France Hatt-Arnold (Switzerland), Marcel Teeuw, Sibyl Darrington (UK),
Keith Graham (UK), Pierpaola Volpones (Italy), Wolfgang Baumgartner (Germany), Jim McMahon (Ireland), Richard Ennis (USA), Julia Isbarn (Germany), Lisa Praller (Germany), Christina Howe (USA), Russel Stolzoff (USA), Marina Blandini (Italy), Ruth Frömpter (Austria), Pedro Prado, PhD (Brazil), Begona Fontana Urriza (Spain), and Delara Tiv (Switzerland)

A special thanks to:
John Armstrong (Germany), Andrea Brighi (Italy), Nicola Carofiglio (Italy), Charlotte Fraser (UK), Karen Arane Salwa (Switzerland), Paula Mattioli (Brazil), Raffael Oberhuber (Italy)

Interviewers: Marina Blandini and Keith Graham
Editing: Andrea Scirè and Tiziana Scuderi –
Produced and Supported by European Rolfing® Association e.V. (