About Dr. Ida Rolf Institute® Europe

Since our founding in 1991, our teachings have been based on the key elements of Dr. Ida Rolf’s work on Structural Integration. Rolfing® Structural Integration incorporates this and the study of new scientific research within the fields of Fascia, Movement, Anatomy and Touch education. This combination makes it possible to master the challenges we all face today.

There are scientific breakthroughs all the time and we ensures that our Faculty have the opportunity to continuously educate themselves. Being part of an International Faculty team means they cooperate together to ensure their teachings are always meeting the highest standard. Ida Rolf left us a profound foundation of her concepts and her practical approach. This foundation has to be developed further in the present and in the future while respecting the original intentions of the founder. And that’s what we do here at the Dr. Ida Rolf Institute® Europe.

We offer courses in Movement, Anatomy and Touch to enrich your current occupation. To study Rolfing and become a Certified Rolfer®, we have three levels of training. To enhance your knowledge as a Rolfer join us in our Continuing Education, Rolf Movement™ or Advanced Rolfing Training. Whether you would like to upskill or complete the whole journey as a Rolfer® with us, rest assured, at the Dr. Ida Rolf Institute® Europe, you are in the hands of a highly trusted Institution. Teaching multilingual courses in our own training centre in Munich and other locations throughout Europe with a teacher/student ratio of a maximum of 1/10.

We are committed to your education and want to see you succeed along with the over 1,000 certified Rolfers who have completed their studies with us over the last 30 years. With your certification, you will become a member of the European Rolfing® Association, with over 700 active Rolfers all over Europe. Our community offers access to a variety of advanced courses and continued support throughout your entire career. The terms, Rolfer® and Rolfing® are trademarked, to use these titles and to practice Rolfing in Europe you need to be a member of our association.

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