The European Rolfing® Association has established a scholarship programme to help candidates who wish to become Rolfers® but lack the financial resources. 


How to qualify for a scholarship 

To qualify for the Scholarship, future Rolfing® students should have experienced at least five Rolfing sessions of the 10-series.  

In addition, they need a personal suitability recommendation from their Rolfer. If you have not yet seen a Rolfer and have not yet started a 10-series, you can find a Rolfer near you here to start your Rolfing experience. 


How to apply for a scholarship 

You must submit the following documents before the deadline: 

  • A letter of recommendation by your Rolfer 

  • A personal statement explaining why you would like to become a Rolfer (letter of motivation, no more than one page in A4 format)  

  • A report on your experience of the 10-series you have received (at least five sessions should be completed). Review per session at least 50 words 

  • A statement on your financial situation 


Deadline: 01. August 2023 

Send your application to: 


Further proceedings 

The scholarship committee of the European Rolfing Association will examine your application thoroughly and give you a response within six weeks after application deadline. 


Donations for scholarship programme

Would you like to support our scholarship programme with a donation?  

Follow this link to our donation form and select “scholarship” as purpose of donation.