Student Feedback

Here is what some of our Rolfing® students say about our courses...

Certified Rolfer® - Supervision:

I have arrived home very happy to have come to Munich. I wanted to thank you (Martina) and Andrea and any other members of the admin team for setting a tone and providing a welcoming, comforting space for the training. I felt as though I belonged as soon as I stepped through the door. This is a great skill and testament to you all. Thank you!

The supervision was wonderful and I feel resourced and delighted to have met France and other colleagues too. Clients yesterday definitely benefited from my having spent 6 days learning with France.

Certified Rolfer®:

It is the greatest gift that I was able to undergo this training because I have learned a lot and also discovered much about myself.

Level 1/Anatomy 1 Student:

I found the first anatomy module to be helpful in developing my understanding of the human body. Specifically, I gained a clearer understanding of how to locate anatomical structures within the body and enhance my mental map of anatomy with more detail. I was able to learn effective techniques for identifying and locating specific anatomical structures.

The instructor provided clear explanations, with humour and pleasant interactions, and visual aids to help me grasp the concepts more easily. By practicing these techniques, I am slowly starting to gain confidence in my ability to locate various structures accurately.

Level 1/Touch 1 Student:

Last weekend was another incredible experience. The way you approached the topic with sensitivity could not be better. The fact that Romy is with us and accompanies us is also very valuable for the group.

Level 1/Movement 1 Student:

I recently had the opportunity to participate in the first module of Level 1 of the Rolfing® Structural Integration Training with Pierpaola Volpones, and I must say, it was an enriching experience. This three-day training provided a solid foundation for understanding how Rolfers® perceive physical movements, particularly in relation to gravity.

One aspect of the module that stood out to me was the embodiment of theory through movement exercises and partnering practices. These moments of exploration allowed us not only to understand the concepts we were introduced to but also to experience them firsthand in our own bodies and in the bodies of others. This experiential approach made the teachings much more tangible and practical, enabling us to truly comprehend and internalise the principles of Rolfing.

Another highlight of the training was the diverse and engaging group of students. Despite coming from different backgrounds, we all shared a common curiosity and fascination for bodywork and movement. This shared interest created meaningful connections within the group, fostering a supportive and collaborative learning environment.”

Level 1/Movement 1 Student:

The Rolfing® course was wonderful. Exactly what I was looking for.  I was fulfilled, inspired and full of new approaches. Nicola and Kathrin were so present, mindful and motivating. I am totally looking forward to continuing this training."

Level 1/Anatomy 1 Student:

The Rolfing® course, just like the first one, was wonderful. It totally inspired me and made me curious. We were all mesmerised by Thomas' wealth of knowledge and his gift for conveying anatomy so vividly. You have a great concept and a knack for fire-starting speakers! Thank you for that!"

Level 1/Touch 1 Student:

Thank you very much! It was another great weekend!!! Katrin just super and Romi cute and lovely!!!"

Level 1/Movement 1 Student:

I can report back from my Amsterdam training that I found the Movement 1 to be great material and very informative. Paola was super supportive as a teacher  facilitator and the group keen to learn and explore. Esoterra Studios was a pretty good location, not too busy and not far from the centre."

Feldenkrais Practitioners, Spektrum Rolfing (similar to Level 1/Movement1):

My partner and I took part in the training "Spectrum Movement" last week. We seek such trainings to broaden our horizons and regulate our view of Feldenkrais through a change of perspective. Thank you again for recommending this course.

Now that we have been able to sleep on it a few times, I feel the need to give feedback to the association. Both professionally and privately, I have been able to gather a lot of experience on the subject of training and further education.

Beforehand, we did not have the slightest idea of what to expect. Anything is possible. On the very first day, however, we were pleasantly surprised that so much space was given to this really fundamental and large topic. However, we were particularly impressed by the personality of the course leader Nicola Carofiglio. It is very rare to find such an educator in adult education who is so close to both the subject matter and the learners, who skilfully harmonises both. Noticeably competent, authentically respectful, and always pleasantly present throughout.

We were able to learn an inspiring amount and are more than satisfied with our expectations. Thank you for this experience, we are looking forward to further trainings with you."

Level 1/Movement 1 Student:

I would like to compliment my Rolfing® trainer Nicola on his fantastic teaching, which really makes you want to do more. He has a very pleasant way of imparting knowledge and gives you the confidence to be unsure. I am looking forward to the next courses."

Level 1/Movement 2 Student:

The weekend with Nicola was so rewarding and varied. In fact, Ida Rolf's sentence, which Nicola mentioned several times, took on a new meaning for me: "Ultimately Rolfing is for the Rolfer."

Because everything we learnt was for us and I had overexerted myself a bit in a yoga class on Friday evening after the course, so I came to class on Saturday morning in a lot of pain. As the afternoon progressed, I realised how the pain simply subsided and I was able to breathe deeply and concentrate on my work again.

I really appreciate Nicola's work and couldn't be happier about my desire to become a Rolfer.

Thank you also for your open ears and helpfulness in the office and the great organisation and catering.

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