COVID-19 (Corona) Security Guidelines

Security guidelines at the European Rolfing® Association e.V. (23.09.2021)

All individuals are responsible for observing the hygiene procedures in place by Bavarian health authorities. Following these practices while away from ERA will minimise risk to everyone. We all share responsibility for the wellbeing of each other and must act accordingly.

In order to ensure the safety of students, instructors, models and employees in the immediate vicinity, the following measures are mandatory, in addition to the usual hygiene practices.

General preparation

Please take notice of these Safety Guidelines in the common area:

  • Every student, instructor and assistant need to bring a negative Corona test at the beginning of a course and every 3rd day. You can do a rapid test at home (valid 24 h) and bring it with you, or an Antigen (valid 24 h) or PCR test (valid 48 h).
  • Wearing a medical mask is required at the ERA and needs to be changed daily!
  • We will / You will measure your temperature with the infrared thermometer every morning!
  • Please wash and disinfect your hands and lower arms as often as possible. After all body exchanges, after your lunch break etc.
  • The distance of 1.5 meters between individuals should be maintained in all common areas, kitchen, lunchroom, entrance area! Please try to avoid groups.
  • Wearing the mask is compulsory in all public spaces
  • Please take off shoes in the entrance area, wear socks or slippers
  • Small islands, with a chair etc. for the change of clothes and to keep students’ personal belongings, will be created in the small training room. Change your clothes immediately upon entering the building.  Please be aware, that you wear clothes that can be washed at 60°C.
  • An air sterilising device will be turned on during breaks in the community room.
During the lesson
  • Wearing a medical mask is mandatory for all people in class, also for the models, if working on each other.

  • Ventilate the classroom with fresh air as often as possible. AirSteril devices are turned on, if it is too cold to open the windows all the time.

  • Keep a distance of 1.5 meters during all non-touch portions of the lesson day.

  • Depending on bodywork performed, use separate pads for each client. The sheets may only be used with one partner.

  • Work with only one partner during any exchange; if changing partners make sure all parties involved wash hands thoroughly and clean the equipment used before proceeding; make sure to change the sheets/pillows in use if working with a new partner. Limit partners during a lesson day to 2 people.

  • Only two people are allowed at any table at one time; if providing clarification, the instructor must comply by allowing the 2nd student to observe from the designated 1.5m distance.

  • Working surfaces (tables, stools, chairs) will be set up to ensure 1.5m distance between students while performing bodywork; if necessary, screens may be used to further separate and divide the working area to improve distancing while working.