Rita Geirola

Role: CE Workshop Teacher, Teacher
Certified Rolf Movement™ Instructor, Certified Rolfer®, Rolf Movement® Faculty, Certified Rolfing® Instructor, Certified Advanced Rolfer®, Mentor, Rolf Movement™ Practitioner

A member of the Dr. Rolf Institute since 1987 and an International and European Rolfing® and Rolf Movement™ Faculty member,

Rita Geirola is a Certified Rolfer® (1987) and a Rolf Movement™ Practitioner (1997) and an Advanced Rolfer® (2005). Rita teaches the Basic Rolfing® Trainings in Munich and in Italy, Rolf Movement classes and CE-workshops. 

Her work with Hubert Godard and Peter Levine, and point of view of M. Feldenkrais have all had a deep impact on Rita’s personal and professional development and they continue to influence her teaching.

“A good Rolfer has an innate sense of how gravity has an effect in shaping our life. An enquiring mind, a capacity for recognising boundaries and a non-judgmental attitude are all good attributes. I also believe in curiosity for how human beings resource themselves for their survival, their adaptability and creativity to the context in which they live – at all levels of their being – physical, psychological and coordinative.”


Before Rolfing

Rita’s background includes studies in the field of Physical Education and of the Mézières Method. She was certified as a Feldenkrais Practitioner in 1992 and has been a Pilates Instructor since1998. Rita’s main curiosity is in finding different approaches and different languages to be able to marry these with individual client’s needs and resources in order to achieve a full development of their potentiality and integration.

Inspiration to train in Rolfing®

“It was the approach and vision that inspired me to train in Rolfing. I was already doing bodywork, with good results, and my practice was successful. But I was reading a lot of literature connected to Rolfing and in 1984 I had my first Rolfing session with an American practitioner. We met again within the year, and I offered her a Mézières session. It was from this that she really encouraged me to go to the pre-training and then apply for the admission – and I haven’t looked back since!”.

Teaching Method

I really try to tailor my training to the class I am teaching. I modulate what I offer to the students in relation to the content, the general level of the class – background and interest – and also the group dynamic. For me it is crucial to meet the students to get in tune and find the appropriate flow for the learning process.

My main aim really is to build self-confidence, empower the students, and try to elicit curiosity. It is important to me to deliver theory through, and blended with, practical experience, rather than through a unidirectional lecture.